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4 MARCH 2019

SOVIET: Damage

SOVIET: Repairs

8 MARCH 2019

NATO: Declaring Results of Soviet Attacks

NATO: Submarine Damage vs Operating Depth

9 MARCH 2019

HEADER: 'Updated ...' field added

MENU: 'More' tab on Desktop view

MENU: New UPDATE page added

11 MARCH 2019

NATO: Submarine Damage vs Operating Depth: new sequence of photographs providing a better explanation.

17 MARCH 2019

SOVIET: Reminder box added after "LOGISTICAL CONSIDERATIONS - An opening gambit ... given fair weather!"

21 MARCH 2019

RULES: added broad description of the game.

MENU: reordered menu.

27 APRIL 2019

SETUP: added 'ORDER OF PLAY' reminder

17 JUNE 2019

HOME: Add DICE TOWER "Seal of Approval"

AWARDS: Add DICE TOWER "Seal of Approval"

REVIEWS: Add DICE TOWER review link

27 JULY 2019

MOBILE MENU: design & animation changes to resolve a bug that hid the menu after first use.

16 JANUARY 2020

REVIEWS: Add CALVIN WONG's review for BoardGameAtlas

24 FEBRUARY 2020

ABOUT: amendments


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