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NATO players must use their submarines to infiltrate Soviet ports and land special forces to destroy vital strategic targets while the Soviet team must protect their crucial supply lines as they deploy a surface fleet to hunt down NATO's submarines. THEY COME UNSEEN is an asymmetrical strategy game of bluff and deception that uses two boards, one for action on the surface, seen by both sides, and one for movement underwater, seen only by the submarine commanders. Specially designed control panels help each side keep track of vital information: fuel & weapons for the Soviets and battery capacity & current patrol depth for NATO.

Up to two players control the two NATO submarines while up to three players control the two Soviet destroyers and the Soviet logistic fleet.  The rules treat the players as teams sharing control of the various fleets though two players can take on one another without team-mates.

THEY COME UNSEEN was designed & developed deep beneath the waves by Andy Benford, retired Royal Navy officer and former submarine captain.

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