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THEY COME UNSEEN was awarded the "Battlegames Award for Excellence" in 2016 by

The "Battlegames Award for Excellence" | THEY COME UNSEEN 2016

"The Battlegames Award for Excellence" is given only to those products or services which, in the opinion of the reviewer, would deserve a score of 9 or 10/10 under a numerical scoring system.  Recipients of this coveted award may use the logo on their own website with pride alongside the relevant product or service description".

THEY COME UNSEEN was given the

DICE TOWER "Seal of Approval" in 2019



THEY COME UNSEEN was nominated for "Best Wargame 2015" on the BoardGameGeek website:

The "Golden Geek" Nominee badge | THEY COME UNSEEN 2015


I am grateful to my submariner colleagues who over the years tested the original game “Submarine” and appeared to enjoy it. My thanks too to fellow retired submariner, David Perfect, and to fellow villagers: Dominic Regan, Andy and Caroline Whiteford and Glen Yarwood for their time and interest play-testing “They Come Unseen” to make it ready for the UK Games Expo 2014 in Birmingham. I'd like to thank Richard Denning (Games Expo organiser) for his advice about attending the Expo and the need to play-test a prototype game as much as possible beforehand and also to Rob Harris and his PlayTest team (and Phil Richardson in particular) for their help and support in the PlayTestZone at the Games Expo. 


Finally, my huge thanks to Duncan Molloy, Games Developer at Osprey Games, for his encouragement and support … and for his ability to see through the original 42-page rule book to discover the game lurking beneath!   AB

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