"World War II is over. The struggle for Europe is not. Facing each other across a divided Europe, NATO and the Soviet Union have reached a stalemate. Two vast militaries, two opposing ideologies, two emerging nuclear powers. War has not ended. War is now silent. Effective. Unseen".

An asymmetrical strategy board game of bluffing & deception for 2-5 players.

Osprey Games


Andy Benford

Retired Royal Navy submarine captain

& designer: THEY COME UNSEEN

Commander Andy Benford Royal Navy, the designer of the board game THEY COME UNSEEN, pictured in 1992

Photograph credit: Royal Navy 1992

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Andy Benford is a retired Royal Navy submarine captain; he passed the "Perisher" course in 1980.  He saw service in Porpoise & Oberon class diesel-electric conventional submarines, a Swiftsure-class nuclear powered hunter-killer submarine and a Resolution-class nuclear powered Polaris ballistic missile submarine during a submarine career that spanned twenty-one years and six of the seven seas.  He commanded an Australian Oberon-class conventional submarine, HMAS Oxley, during a two year exchange service appointment, and was second-in-command of the Polaris submarine HMS Revenge.

Although the theme of THEY COME UNSEEN is naval warfare it is intended to provide light-hearted and enjoyable gameplay for all.

Photographic credits: A. Benford except where shown otherwise